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Episode 3: Reading Goals

Episode 3 - Monday 1st March 2021

Simon and Kiera discuss their reading goals - and whether the idea of setting reading goals is even a good thing. Not included is any discussion of Reading Gaols, which would be a completely different episode about Oscar Wilde - and a joke that works much better in written show notes than it does spoken on a podcast. If you have any ideas for good reading goals (or reading gaols even) please do tweet at us.

Reading Goals

Simon's Reading Goals

  1. Take better notes about books I've read. Organize my notes and highlights so I remember them better and can put them to use.
  2. Abandon books I'm not getting on with.
  3. Spend time hunting for new authors to build up a list of books that I'm excited to read.
  4. Re-organize my bookshelves.
  5. Establish a reading nook.

Kiera's (cannily uncommitted to) Reading Goals

  1. Take voice notes of extracts from books I like so I can share them with people.
  2. Read more books by writers who are writing from or within places that I have lived or belong to.
  3. Read books I already own but haven't read I DON'T THINK SO!
  4. Read the books I was gifted for Christmas. All three of them that I heavily dropped hints that I wanted.

Concepts and cultural artefacts mentioned


Books mentioned and discussed

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We spoke vaguely about not organizing bookshelves by colour because our books are all a sort of milky beige, and this episode's selection really backs that up: